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Dystopolis på Gothcon – Dag två



Ännu en spännande dag på Gothcon! Som ni ser på fotot ovan hade vi vår yngsta spelare hittills. Vi kommer nu att gå igenom de synpunkter vi fått in och finputsa spelets detaljer ytterligare. Vi kommer att hålla er uppdaterade om utvecklingen. Förhoppningsvis kan vi erbjuda Dystopolis till försäljning till nästa års Gothcon!

Dystopolis på GothCon 2013 – Dag ett



Under första dagen på Gothcon erbjöds ett 20-tal engagerade spelare möjlighet att testa Dystopolis 2.0. Tack alla grymma spelare som under ett par timmar investerade, mutade och intrigerade tillsammans med oss! Om en timme drar vi igång igen. Klockan 16 i sal N1A (korridoren en trappa upp i Norra). Vi ses!

Dystopolis at GothCon 2013!

Dystopolis at GothCon 2013


Grab the opportunity to try out Dystopolis with revised rules and new artwork at GothCon 2013 in Göteborg, today and tomorrow! We will be at room N1A (north building, second floor). Time: 16-late both friday and saturday. See you there!

New Rules and Game Components – Dystopolis Second Edition

Hello everyone!

Now we are ready to present the new Dystopolis game rules and new game components. You can find the revised rules here. The list of changes are long, but here’s a quick overview of the major changes:

1. Players bid for each year’s turn order
Each year starts with a concealed bidding where the starting player and turn order is decided. It is usually most beneficial to be first, but there are also some positive aspects of being last.  This is a feature that many players asked for during Gothcon 2012.

Dystopolis Turn cards back sideDystopolis Turn card Starting player

2. Removed the concealed biddings for shared ownership in companies
No more tedious concealed biddings to determine which player a company’s vote belongs to. Sometimes the bidding were intense and exciting, but unfortunately many times it took too long time and reduced the speed of the game. With the revised rules the votes in companies with shared ownership is decided depending on turn order.

3. Easier to calculate revenue from companies
Connections does not directly affect revenue. All sums of money in the game is reduced by 50%. Smaller numbers makes it easier to calculate, while the game balance is the same. Ten million diripes now earns 1 VP when the game ends. We have also removed the negative revenue, which makes it even easier during revenue quarter. Instead a company sector can crash and does not give any revenue at all during that year.

4. Removed game component: Special Event card
The Special Event cards had some interesting aspects. However, the effects were quite random and some players felt that the benefits were distributed in a random and unjust way. The best aspects of the Special Event cards have been adapted by the new Intrigue cards and the new Rewards (see below).

5. New game component: Intrigue cards
For experienced players we have implemented Intrigue cards which add extra action to the game. The cards are distributed at the beginning of the game. Each player get three cards and choose one of them. There are a total of 16 Intrigue cards, each one with a unique effect.
Dystopolis Intrigue Card Back sideNews channel - Dystopolis Intrigue Card Missile test - Dystopolis Intrigue Card Mind control device - Dystopolis Intrigue Card  High-profile death-arena - Dystopolis Intrigue card

6. New game component: Rewards
Two kind of rewards, for Largest network and for Founding sector. They are distributed to eligible players at the end of each year. Each reward have two different levels, and each card earn the player 4 VP at the end of the game.
Largest Network Level 2 - Dystopolis Reward Card Largest Network Level 1 - Dystopolis Reward Card Founding Sector Level 2 - Dystopolis Reward Card Founding Sector Level 1 - Dystopolis Reward Card

7. New design Event cards
Not really a change of rules, but we believe the new design makes it easier to understand what is thematic text and what is important for the actual gameplay.
Dystopolis new Event Card Design


We believe these rule changes have resulted in a quicker, more intense and even more enjoyable Dystopolis. We would like to thank everyone who provided us with valuable comments at GothCon 2012. Many of your ideas have found the way into the game, in some way or another.

A preview of the new art for Dystopolis

Here is quick preview of the new art for the brand new Intrigue-cards in Dystopolis. There will be a total of 16 Intrigue cards which will add additional complexity and fun for experienced players. More will be revealed soon, along with the new, improved rules.



Initial tests of new Dystopolis game rules

Dystopolis game test

Yesterday we had our second test of a few modifications to the game rules. The following modifications were tested:

No concealed biddings between Major Joint owners during Voting. Main owners of the targeted company and surrounding companies get two votes each, and Major Joint owners get one vote each. The change makes the Voting go a bit quicker. It also makes it possible to make more informed decisions when handing Bribes to other players.

No negative revenue. All negative revenue are changed to ‘zero revenue’ – the affected companies simply earn zero, no matter how few or how many Investments or Connections the company has. This makes the calculations a bit easier and speeds up the Revenue Quarter.

New system for deciding turn-order. A concealed bidding determines the turn-order in the beginning of each year, as before. But the highest bidder chooses one of several ‘turn tokens’ instead of simply becoming starting player. There are as many turn tokens as there are players. Each tokens has a number, from 1 to 5 if it is a five player game. The turn order during the year will go in the order that the numbers indicate. If she/he chooses ‘turn token nr 1’ she/he will indeed be the staring player during this year. But the player may choose any number, and thereby decides freely what number in the turn-order she/he wishes to be. The second highest bidder chooses afterwards, then the third highest and so on. All players pay the bids to the bank. In case of equal bids, the order for those players are decided in a random manner (e.g. with rock-paper-scissors or maybe we could include some clever randomizer with the game).


More details about these changes will come later. When we have tweaked these rule modifications we will start testing some additional changes as well, including the so called ‘Bonus cards’. We would like to have some external testers for later testing. We have already got some people interested in helping us with that, but more testers are welcome – just post a comment or send us an email at if you would like to test the game further on.


What is Dystopolis?

Dystopolis game box

Find out more about what Dystopolis is all about at our new info-page. We have added some information about the game-play, illustrated with a few images. It is basically an expanded version of the information at the back of the game box.

Also, be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter if you want to stay updated on any future progress.



Thanks for play-testing!

We’ve had two very nice days at Gothcon, and Dystopolis was even more appreciated than we had dared to hope for. We have gotten a lot of valuable comments and suggestion about the game, concerning both the game-mechanisms and the design of the components. Now we have a lot to think about and we are planning to take some time to review the ideas and try to improve the game before we start looking for a way to get it to print.

Around 60 Gothcon visitors played Dystopolis, we thank you all for trying it! And congratulations to Hannes Sörensson who won a copy of the game at our midnight lottery!

After we have made some changes to the game we will be in need of test-players again. It would be great if some people would want to test play it from time to time so that we can see how the changes work when the game is played at an advanced level. If you live in Göteborg and are interested in test-playing Dystopolis, either with some gaming-group you belong to or at a minor event that we would arrange, please let us know! Email us at:

Exciting first day at GothCon!


We had a very good time during our first day at GothCon. There were 2-4 games of Dystopolis running parallel during the whole evening. 32 players signed up for a chance to win a precious copy of the game. The winner will be decided upon around midnight today.

If you have not yet tried Dystopolis, do it today! We will be in S110 in the South Building.


Är du på Gothcon?


Vi har flyttat till sal S1A och S110. De ligger precis intill varandra i källaren, Södra byggnaden. Idag (lördag) kommer vi att vara på mässan från kl 16. Välkomna!


We have been moved to S1A and S110. The rooms are adjacent to each other, located in the basement, South building. Today (Saturday) we will be at GothCon from 16.00. Welcome!

Vi finns i sal 406 i Vasa (Vasa är den byggnad som ligger på andra sidan vägen från caféet och receptionen). Välkomna att speltesta Dystopolis! Speltid ca 2 timmar. Gratis. Alla som speltestar har chansen att vinna ett exemplar av spelet som lottas ut natten mellan lördag och söndag kl 00.00.


We are in room 406 in Vasa (the building across the street from the café and the reception). Come in and test play Dystopolis! Play time:  around 2 hours. Free. Everyone who play test have a chance to win a copy of Dystopolis. We will draw lots at 00.00 the night between saturday and sunday.

Meeting room in Dystopolis.


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